Are you a lover of Chocolate?

Since Valentines Day has just passed, chocolate is on the brain. I am a lover of chocolate! Not just any chocolate however.

I didn’t always have a love affair with chocolate, in fact I didn’t really care for it as a kid. I liked gooey candy or a good box of Nerds. When I was 21 years old I was a missionary for my church and they sent me to Strausbourg, France for 8 months and then up to Brussels, Belgium for another 8 months. That is where the love affair began. It was amazing to see a whole store dedicated to chocolate. There was chocolate everywhere. Godiva, Leonidas and Galler chocolates were some of my favorite. My sister Rachael carried these gorgeous Stephan Dumon chocolates home from Bruges, Belgium for me last year. They were delicious!

DSC05646 DSC05636

Recently I stumbled across this beautifully written post by Lindsey Johnson titled 9 Secrets to Tasting Chocolate. If you LOVE chocolate, you must check it out.

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 9.31.21 AM

Posted by Andrea

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