I remember being drawn to art in 5th grade. My teacher broke out of the mold and she introduced us to mixed media, water-color and pastels. I was hooked! I still have pieces I did in her class. I took every art class in middle school and adored my teacher that looked like she was straight from the 60’s! She was passionate about art and had a real flair for fashion. She wore earings made out of feathers nearly every day. She was ahead of her time. Who knew feathers would be so popular in 2011? I think her name may have even been Mrs. Peacock, not sure…it’s hazy all these years later.

In High School I had a teacher that would be added to my list of most influential people. Her name is Marjorie McClure, check out her work here. She instilled so much passion in me for painting and art. My freshman year of college I still was not convinced that an art degree was for me. As I went about my first semester of generals I kept finding myself hanging around the art building. I finally decided to just go for it and I enrolled in the art foundation program at the University of Utah. I loved it…the all nighters, the harsh professors, the fellow artists and the bad and good critiques (art professors can be brutal!) I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Utah with an emphasis in drawing and painting. My favorite part of the drawing and painting was the painting, and I especially like oils and acrylics.

Here are some of my favorite artists:

I love Robert Rauschenberg. He uses photographs and printmaking and then paints over his collage. His work has probably been the biggest influence in my later work. I have evolved as an artist and mixing different kinds of painting, drawing, photography is a big part of my work.

This piece is called Estate 1963

I just love the punches of color and the repetition of objects at the bottom of this piece as well as the Statue of Liberty that looks like a worn out photograph. This piece is done with oil paints and silk screen printing.

John Singer Sargeant is another fav. He is so different from Rauschenberg. He is a master at drawing and painting! To see a John Singer Sargent painting in person is such an incredible experience. His use of color is truly remarkable!

This painting is called Nonchaloir.

Check out the folds in that skirt. Doesn’t it make you want to touch the painting and feel if it really is satin? I have seen this piece in person and it truly is a show stopper. Someone that has no interest in art would even be reeled in.

Wayne Theibaud is an artist that uses simple subject matter and repetition. He uses lots of paint! It looks so delicious, I just want to take a bite of all the goodies! One thing I love about Theibaud is his use of color in the shadows.

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